Movies based on video games have a pretty terrible track record (Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, etc.), which could be why Disney has decided to try its luck with a movie based on a non-existent video game. In the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph, a Donkey Kong-like barrel-throwing giant becomes tired of being the foil to a Mario-like plumber (Fix-It Felix Jr.) and attempts to escape from the video game universe. Along the way he encounters various characters from real video games,┬áincluding Bowser from Super Mario Bros, Kano from Mortal Kombat, and M. Bison from Street Fighter. How much money Disney spent on licensing fees is anyone’s guess.

The trailer has already generated a massive online debate regarding whether or not the zombie at the AA meeting is supposed to be from Plants vs. Zombies or House of the Dead. It’s carrying two hatchets, which suggests that it’s from House of the Dead. But doesn’t it look a lot like the zombies from Plants vs. Zombies? We’ll know for sure when the movie hits theatres Nov. 2.