To date, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have made a total of five movies together. Since their worst effort (probably Gangs of New York) is still better than 99% of what’s out there, we have very good reason to have high expectations for Wolf of Wall Street.

That said, this is a pretty odd first trailer. From the dwarf-tossing to the insect-eating to the 30 seconds of chest-thumping, the trailer is just- well…odd. Now, if anyone can make a great movie in which dwarves are tossed, insects are eaten, and chests are thumped for 30 seconds for no good reason, it’s Scorsese and DiCaprio. But is it even possible to make a great movie out these extremely strange ingredients? True, plenty of great movies have incorporated one of these elements (dwarf-tossing: The Two Towers, insect-eating: Rescue Dawn, 30 seconds of pointless chest-thumping: 2001). But to picture a great movie that brings all three of these elements together strains the imagination.

Fun fact: This is the second movie this year in which Leonardo DiCaprio throws a lavish party in which the music of Kanye West is featured prominently. The first was Great Gatsby.