With all the money that Skyfall has made overseas during the last two weeks, there was almost no need to release the movie domestically. After all, when you’re up by $428 million (Skyfall‘s current overseas total), there must be at least a tiny temptation to quit while you’re ahead.

But luckily the folks at Sony had the good sense to realize that, from a business perspective, making an obscene amount of money is preferable to making just a moderately obscene amount of money. The result: Skyfall added another $87 million to its total, the highest ever North American debut for a Bond movie. That’s twice what Casino Royale made on its opening weekend and $20 million more than what Quantum of Solace debuted with. If the movie continues to make money at this rate, it has a very good shot at becoming one of the top five grossing movies of the year (although it’s doubtful that it will manage to top The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises).

In other news, Lincoln performed strongly in limited release. Playing on just 11 screens, the movie grossed $900,000—the second biggest ever debut for a 10+ theatre limited release behind Precious. So far, audiences seem to have embraced the talky, two and a half-hour-long drama (like Skyfall, it received a rare “A” Cinemascore rating), although it’s important to keep in mind that audiences in New York and L.A are usually more predisposed toward talky, two and a half-hour-long dramas. Next week, the movie will expand to 1,500 theatres, at which point it will likely go the way of The Master (another talky, two and a half-hour-long drama) and disappear without a trace.

Here are the weekend’s top 10 movies:

1. Skyfall  $87.8M  (total: $90M)
2. Wreck-It Ralph  $33.1M  (total: $93.7M)
3. Flight  $15.1M  (total: $47.8M)
4. Argo  $6.75M  (total: $85.7M)
5. Taken 2  $4M  (total: $131M)
6. Here Comes the Boom  $2.55M  (total: $39.1M)
7. Cloud Atlas  $2.52M  (total: $22.7M)
8. Pitch Perfect  $2.5M  (total: $59M)
9. The Man with the Iron Fists  $2.49M  (total: $12.7M)
10. Hotel Transylvania  $2.35M  (total: $141M)