Expectations are pretty high for Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón’s first film since his stunning Children of Men in 2006. Early word of mouth has it that, just as Children of Men set a new standard for uninterrupted tracking shots, Gravity will also set a new technical benchmark…although just what that technical benchmark will be isn’t quite clear at this point.

The new trailer offers a few hints. The most likely prospect: This will probably be the first movie set entirely in zero gravity. (And by extension the first movie that stars two actors who wear spacesuits for the entire running time.) The second most likely prospect: Now that Cuarón is shooting on digital cameras and is not limited by how much film a cartridge can hold (about 10 minutes’ worth), the movie could be the first Hollywood production of this scale done entirely in one shot.

In any case, it looks pretty incredible. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock star as astronauts who are left floating around in outer space after their shuttle is destroyed. Felix Baumgartner, of course, made it back from Earth’s orbit without the aid of a space craft. But he did have a parachute, which the astronauts in this movie presumably don’t have. That could present a bit of a problem, I’m guessing.

Gravity hits theatres Oct. 4.