The one-two-three-four punch of RatatouilleWall-E, Up, and Toy Story 3 remains just about unprecedented in the history of animation. Few studios can claim to have put out four movies of that level of quality, let alone four movies of that level of quality back-to-back-to-back-to-back. So with little left to prove and virtually no competition (except for maybe Japan’s Studio Ghibli), it was perfectly understandable that Pixar would let their guard down and put out the perfectly decent Cars 2 and Brave.

But now that Disney is threatening to re-claim the title of World’s Greatest Animation Company” (Wreck-It Ralph was hailed as the greatest Pixar movie that Pixar never made), Pixar may have to step up its game. Will Monsters University be the first in a new strong of Pixar masterpieces? Or will it complete the “Meh, that was okay, I guess” trilogy started by Cars 2 and Brave? Based on the new trailer, it looks like it might be the latter, although the trailers for Toy Story 3 weren’t anything special either, and look at how that movie turned out.