For those of you who are eager to see Tina Fey in something other than 30 Rock, good news: Fey will return to the big screen in 2013 opposite Paul Rudd in Admission, her first movie role since 2010’s Date Night (unless of course you count her voice-over work in Megamind, but let’s not count that).

Fey didn’t write Admission, so if you were hoping for another Mean Girls, you may want to adjust your expectations a bit. But don’t adjust them too low—Admission is directed by Paul Weitz (About a Boy, In Good Company) and features frequent 30 Rock guest star Michael Sheen, so there’s good reason to suspect that, while it may not be a Mean Girls-level instant comedy classic, it should at least be a Date Night-level near-classic.

Admission hits theatres March 8.