As the title sort of implies, Paranoia is a movie full of betrayal and deception in which you never know who is who or who to trust. Unless, of course, you watch the spoiler-heavy trailer, in which case you know exactly who is who and who to trust.

The movie stars Liam Hemsworth as a working-class ladies’ man who, in order to support his ailing father, becomes a corporate spy for a CEO played by Gary Oldman. He begins spying on a rival CEO played by Harrison Ford, but quickly gets in over his head and can’t get out because Gary Oldman has installed cameras in his father’s house or something. Complicating matters is the fact that Harrison Ford seems to have known all along about Hemsworth’s secret identity and tries to have him killed. (Luckily, the guy he hires to do the job isn’t very good. The goon sneaks up on Hemsworth in a dark parking lot, points a pistol at him, and tells him to get in the trunk of a car, but Hemsworth just punches him in the face and runs away). Then Hemsworth uses the skills he acquired during his training to get revenge on the two CEOs.

And that’s pretty much that. Quality-wise, the movie doesn’t look all that promising, and in a way, that’s kind of reassuring. Having a great movie spoiled for you is extremely annoying. Having a mediocre movie spoiled for you, not so much.

Still, any movie that reunites the stars of Air Force One can’t be all that bad.