It used to be the case that the Oscars for best animated film and best animated short would go to whatever movie had the Pixar logo in front of it. This year, that’s unlikely to happen. Brave, Pixar’s contender in the best animated feature category, paled in comparison to Disney’s sublime Wreck-It Ralph, and La Luna, the short that played in front of Brave, wasn’t eligible since it debuted at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2011 and was already nominated last year.

That leaves Paperman, the Disney short that played in front of Wreck-It Ralph, as the likely front-runner for best animated short. In case you missed it, Disney has helpfully uploaded it to YouTube.

The supernatural ending is bizarre and lazy, but everything before that is pretty solid. If this doesn’t win, it will be a major upset. (Given the Academy’s well-documented penchant for cheap sentimentality, the ridiculous ending may even count in its favour.)

The other nominees for the category are The Simpsons short The Longest DaycareAdam and Dog (the story of Adam and Eve told from the perspective of the world’s first dog), Fresh Guacamole (which depicts a bowl of guacamole being made with grenades instead of avocados, a baseball instead of an onion, etc. ), and Head Over Heels (a stop motion film about an elderly couple who live in the same house, except the man lives on the floor and the woman lives on the ceiling).