The last time that Matt Damon teamed up with a fellow actor to write a screenplay, the result was Good Will Hunting, which landed Damon and co-writer Ben Affleck an Oscar for best original screenplay as well as a spot in the history books as the youngest screenwriters to ever win in that category (Damon was 26; Affleck 25). Fifteen years later, Damon has collaborated on another screenplay with a different actor (The Office‘s John Krasinski), and the result this time around is The Promised Land, a drama about an oil industry representative who comes to a small town in order to convince the locals of the benefits of the drilling process known as “fracking,” but encounters resistance in the form of a local farmer (Krasinski).

If your immediate response after seeing the trailer is, “This looks exactly like a fictionalized version of the documentary Gasland,” you’re not alone. In fact, to call this a “trailer” may be a bit of a stretch—it’s more like an op-ed piece in trailer form. Still, the movie is directed by Gus Van Sant (Milk), and everything that Gus Van Sant does is worth watching. Lets’s just hope that all the anti-fracking editorializing is in the trailer and that the rest of the movie focuses on the characters and plot, otherwise this could be quite the preach-a-thon.