With Zero Dark Thirty still another week away, audiences desperate to see Kathyrn Bigelow’s controversial hunt-for-Bin-Laden film had to make do with the next best thing—John Luessenhop’s hunt-for-people-to-cut-up-with-a-chainsaw film, Texas Chainsaw 3D. The sequel to the cult horror classic grossed $23 million over the weekend, finishing just ahead of Django Unchained (in its second week of release) and The Hobbit (in its third week). For a movie that most people didn’t know existed, that’s pretty good.

In other news, Django Unchained is now on track to become Quentin Tarantino’s highest grossing film. The movie has already grossed $106 million domestically, and by next weekend, it should surpass Inglourious Basterds‘ total of $120 million. Likewise, Les Misérables is on track to become one of the highest grossing musicals ever. After just 13 days in theatres, it has already grossed more than Dreamgirls did during its entire theatrical run ($103.4 million), and only needs to make another $68 million in order to surpass Chicago.

A movie that’s in no danger of breaking any records is Matt Damon’s anti-fracking drama Promised Land. It grossed only $4.3 million—just enough for a 10th place finish. Not counting his two art film releases Gerry and Margaret, that’s Damon’s worst opening ever.

Here the the weekend’s top 10 movies.

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D  $23M
2. Django Unchained  $20.1M  (total: $106M)
3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  $17.5M  (total: $264M)
4. Les Misérables  $16.1M  (total: $104M)
5. Parental Guidance  $10.1M  (total: $52.8M)
6. Jack Reacher  $9.3M  (total: $64.8M)
7. This Is 40  $8.56M  (total: $54.5M)
8. Lincoln  $5.26M  (total: $144M)
9. The Guilt Trip  $4.53M  (total: $31.2M)
10. Promised Land  $4.31M  (total: $4.66M)