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Al Pacino Explains Why He Turned Down ‘Star Wars’

"I'm not a very good judge of what's good," Pacino added.

June 04, 2013 News
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Listen to Danny Boyle Complain About the ‘Pixarification’ of Movies

While acknowledging that Pixar's output and the Star Wars movies (the first three of them, anyway) are brilliant, Boyle ...

May 06, 2013 News, Video
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Starting in 2015, Expect a New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Every Summer

At the end of the day this might lead to Star Wars-overkill, but one's thing's for sure: Disney is going to make a ton ...

April 18, 2013 Trailers
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Was the Destruction of the Death Star an Inside Job?

It's about eight years too late, but this deconstruction of the "official account" of the Death Star attack is a pretty ...

March 18, 2013 Video
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Baby’s Ultrasound Looks Just Like Emperor Palpatine from ‘Star Wars’

Here's your totally random movies story of the day.

March 11, 2013 News
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Prepare Yourself For a Ton of ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs

A Yoda spinoff? Yep, that's in the works. A Han Solo origin story spinoff? Yep, that's in the works too. A Boba Fett ...

February 06, 2013 News
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J.J. Abrams Will Apparently Direct Anything With the Word ‘Star’ in the Title (Including ‘Star Wars 7′)

Both Deadline and The Wrap are confirming that J.J. Abrams will direct episode seven of 'Star Wars'.

January 25, 2013 News
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Disney Buying Lucasfilm, New ‘Star Wars’ Film Set for 2015

Disney announced today that it's acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd. from George Lucas, and furthermore is already planning to ...

October 30, 2012 News