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Paramount Refunds Tickets Over Missing Explosion in ‘Jack Reacher’

One man really, really wanted to see an explosion from the trailer.

April 05, 2013 Trailers
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New ‘Jack Reacher’ Trailer May As Well Be ‘Taken 3′ Trailer

"I have nothing to lose, and if you're smart, that scares you."

October 17, 2012 Trailers
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First ‘Jack Reacher’ Teaser is Here

Cruise may not meet the height requirement, but he seems to have the other aspects of the Jack Reacher character down ...

July 04, 2012 Trailers
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First Look at Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6'5 and 250 pounds. Tom Cruise is 5'7 and maybe 150 pounds. Is Cruise horribly miscast ...

June 27, 2012 movie stills
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Tom Cruise’s ‘One Shot’ Gets Title Change

Paramount apparently thinks that 'Jack Reacher' is a better title than 'One Shot.'

May 30, 2012 News