In case you missed the Super Bowl last night, here’s a brief re-cap: the Ravens beat the 49ers 34 – 31, the lights went out in the middle of the game for no reason, and a bunch of movie trailers aired at a ridiculous, exorbitant rate ($4 million/30 seconds).

Since the Super Bowl is mostly watched by men between the ages of 18 – 49, the trailers all featured big explosions and not much else. So if you were hoping for an extended 90 second spot for To the Wonder, you would’ve been disappointed.

The Lone Ranger

It’s still not clear what the plot of this thing is. What is clear is that it will feature non-stop wall-to-wall action.

Fast & Furious 6

The car chases in Fast Five were some of the craziest ever filmed. But even more entertaining than the car chases was the spectacle of Vin Diesel and The Rock competing to see who could give the flatest line delivery. If Vin Diesel and The Rock are just as wooden here (and there’s no reason to suspect they won’t be), I’m on board.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

This looks an awful lot like Alice in Wonderland 2. Let’s hope that someone involved in the production remembered to include a story this time.

Iron Man 3

This “extended look” begins with a very expensive joke (Robert Downey Jr. stares at the camera for 30 seconds), and concludes with a horrifying and intense plane crash sequence that could potentially top the plane crash sequence inĀ Flight. It looks like the franchise has made a full recovery from the debacle of Iron Man 2.

Star Trek Into Darkness

We get to see a bit more of Benedict Cumberbatch in this one. Still have no idea who his character is supposed to be or why he hates Kirk so much though.

World War Z

This is basically just a shorter version of the trailer that was released two months ago. Not much to see here.