Despite the massive success of The Matrix movies, which have grossed nearly $2 billion worldwide, the Wachowskis supposedly had a very hard time raising the $100 million necessary for Cloud Atlas. Now we know why. Apparently the market for experimental three-hour-long movies that tell six seemingly unrelated stories just isn’t that big. Cloud Atlas grossed just $9 million over the weekend—a figure that puts it in contention with John Carter and Battleship for the title of Biggest Bomb of the Year. For Taylor Kitsch, this should come as great news. If enormously popular Oscar-winners like Tom Hanks and Halle Berry can only bring in $9 million of receipts, Kitsch should now be able to deflect the blame for his two back-to-back disasters much more effectively.

In other news, Skyfall made a splash overseas. The 23rd Bond film, which doesn’t open in Canada till Nov. 9, grossed $77 million—exactly the sort of opening that Cloud Atlas needed in order to become profitable.

The absence of James Bond in the North American market was good news for Ben Affleck, whose Argo took the the number one spot. The acclaimed spy thriller grossed $12.3 million, a drop of just 25% of what it made last weekend. In an age where most movies make 80% of their money on the opening weekend, then disappear forever, this is a bizarre anomaly. (It’s also an entirely appropriate one given that Argo is a throwback to 1970s cinema—that fabled era where movies would stay in theatres for weeks, if not months, on end).

Here are the weekend’s top 10 movies:

1. Argo  $12.3M  (total: $60.8M)
2. Hotel Transylvania  $9.5M  (total: $130M)
3. Cloud Atlas  $9.4M
4. Paranormal Activity 4  $8.68M  (total: $42.6M)
5. Taken 2  $8M  (total: $117M)
6. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D  $8M
7. Here Comes the Boom  $5.5M  (total: $30.6M)
8. Sinister  $5.07M  (total: $39.5M)
9. Alex Cross  $5.05M  (total: $19.4M)
10. Fun Size  $4.06M