As a general rule, movies about volcanos tend to be a bit dull. This is mostly because, compared to other natural disasters, volcanos are just too dangerous to be interesting. With a tsunami, say, you at least have a 10% chance of survival, which is what made The Impossible and Hereafter so riveting. But replace all that water with burning hot lava, and the situation becomes so dangerous that it’s difficult to invest in which characters survive and which characters don’t. In reality, all of the characters would die instantly. So when Pierce Brosnan drives his truck through a stream of lava in Dante’s Peak without even popping a tire, or when the firefighters in Volcano stand ten feet away from a pool of lava the size of an Olympic swimming pool without becoming incinerated, it just comes across as ridiculous.

Pompeii could be the exception to the rule—if only because the main focus of the movie seems to be on gladiatorial combat, a genre with a great track record (Spartacus, Gladiator), rather than the volcano, which seem to be more of an afterthought.

Oh, and the movie also stars Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones), who appears to have enrolled in a few classes at the Hugh Jackman School of Getting Ripped. Living on that wildling diet seems to have really paid off. The dude is in great shape.