Five years after his cult classic In Bruges, Irish playwright/filmmaker Martin McDonagh is back with Seven Psychopaths, and if the film’s new trailer is any indication, it looks like he might have another cult classic on his hands.

Featuring Colin Farrell as a struggling screenwriter, Christopher Walken as a dog kidnapper, and Woody Harrelson as a psychotic gangster, the trailer is filled with the absurd, deadpan dialogue that has become McDonagh’s trademark. Memorable moments include a bit where Christopher Walken is asked to put up his hands at gunpoint (“No.” “But I have a gun.” “I don’t care.” “That doesn’t make any sense.” “Too bad.”) and a monologue delivered by Sam Rockwell about how the phrase “An eye for eye makes the world go blind” doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny, because how can anyone take out the eye of the final guy when everyone else in the world is already blind?

Seven Psychopaths hits theatres Oct. 12.