By all accounts, last year was easily the best year of Matthew McConaughey’s career. With his three stand-out performances in Killer Joe, Mud, and Magic Mike, McConaughey completely undid the damage that all of those bland rom-coms did to his reputation and instantly established himself as one of the great character actors of his time.

This year could be even better for him. He’ll only be in two movies, but they’re good ones. First he’ll star in The Dallas Buyers Club, in which he plays an AIDS patient who smuggles alternative medicine into the U.S. from Mexico, then he’ll star in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

Based on the first trailer for Dallas Buyers Club, it looks like 2013 could be the year that McConaughey wins his first Oscar. Not only did he lose a crazy amount of weight for the role (a trick which the Academy loves), but it’s also more than evident that McConaughey gives another great performance (which shouldn’t hurt his chances).

Dallas Buyers Club will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, then go into wide release in November.