The first behind-the-scenes photo from the upcoming Robocop reboot is out, and if you were expecting the new version to be just another glossed up rehash of the old version, you may be in for a bit of a shock. The iconic silver body armour made famous by Peter Weller in the 1987 original is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the new Robocop seems to have a thing for dressing up in black. Black helmet, black body armour, black everything. “Wait a minute,” you may find yourself thinking. “Doesn’t Robocop look exactly like Batman, just without the cape, belt, and ears? Shouldn’t the movie be called Robobat or Batcop?”

And you’d be right. The new Robocop does bear a striking resemblance to Batman…or at least a resemblance to what Batman would look like if Bruce Wayne only made $250,000 a year. But so what? Considering last month’s reports that the new Robocop would be a Transformer who fights al-Qaeda, this is actually a fairly encouraging development. The idea of a Transformers reboot is horrible to contemplate. But a Batman reboot might have potential. So let’s hope that Robocop, which just started filming in Toronto the other day, picks up where¬†The Dark Knight Rises left off, because three Transformers movies are more than enough, thank you very much.