One of the great travesties of 90’s era Hollywood was the fact that we never got to see Superman Lives, the Tim Burton superhero movie that was set to star Nicolas Cage. I mean, can you imagine a manic Nic Cage screaming “Not the kryptonite!!! AGGGGHHHHHHH!!!“? It would have been awesome.

Plus, Tim Burton’s movies were actually good back then.

Alas, the film never materialized, and all that’s left from the project are a few photos floating around the dusty corners of the internet. The latest photo (assuming it’s not a photoshop) is above, and shows what Cage’s Man of Steel could have looked like. The muscles do look a bit goofy (although that design is close to the source material in the comic books)…but let’s just keep in mind that we live in a world where a movie in which George Clooney made Batman look like this made $240 million. So, yes, it could have been a success.

At any rate, as Nic Cage had a $20 million pay or play contract for the film (i.e. the dude got paid no matter what), this might be one of the most expensive photos ever taken.