To differentiate the upcoming The Wolverine from its predecessor, the wildly reviled  X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox and Marvel have undertaken the following steps: 1) added the word “the” to the title, because if you’re going to pay $13 to see a movie, you want to get your full money’s worth 2) hired a better personal trainer for Hugh Jackman, who, as we noted earlier, is much more muscular now than he was in 2009, and 3) set the movie in Japan.

Since the movie is set in Japan, it’s entirely fitting that the movie’s first poster should be done in a Japanese style.

These three steps seem to have done the trick. I’ve already forgotten all about X-Men Origami– whatever it was called, and I’m looking forward to The Wolverine. Yes, the three seemingly unnecessary letters are annoying to type out, but just imagine how epic they’ll look on the big screen.