In yesterday’s Skyfall teaser, we saw James Bond jump off a bulldozer and land on a moving train. In the new Skyfall trailer, we see what is most likely the tail end of that scene: James Bond fights a man on top of the train, gets shot by a sniper, falls off a bridge, and plummets to the water below. Since bullet wounds and 100 meter falls are only minor inconveniences in action movies, Bond emerges unscathed—although for some reason M (Judi Dench) seems to think that the fall killed him. Hasn’t she seen The Dark Knight?

With everyone thinking that he’s dead, Bond decides to catch up on his drinking. And, as far as the plot goes, that’s about all that we can take away from the new trailer, although we do get a tantalizing glimpse of Javier Bardem in a blonde wig as the villain and a brief look at Ben Whishaw as a much younger Q.

Skyfall hits theatres Nov. 9.