Even by the standards of independent cinema (which, in just the last few years, has given us such anti-crowd pleasers as Shame, Precious, and Never Let Me Go), Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine was depressing. From the opening scene in which Ryan Gosling discovers that his dog has died to the final shot of a newly single Ryan Gosling walking off into the dusk while his daughter chases after him screaming, “But I love him!”, the movie easily could’ve been mistaken for a 112 minute advertisement for anti-depressants.

If the new poster forĀ Place Beyond the Pines is to be believed, it looks like Cianfrance may have made a movie even more depressing than Blue Valentine.

The top of the poster features Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendes all looking very grim. (Perhaps they’re upset by how poorly their faces have been photoshopped together). The bottom of the poster, meanwhile, features a rain-soaked intersection. The sky is pitch black and the rain is pouring down at a rate that suggests a hurricane or monsoon.

The movie is supposed to be about a bank robbery, but the poster makes it look like a sequel to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.