Although Yann Martel’s Life of Pi has been read and loved by just about everyone (including, most notably, U.S. president Barack Obama), Ang Lee’s movie adaptation may not be the easiest sell. After all, the vast majority of the novel is set on a lifeboat, the only passengers on which are a boy and a tiger, and it’s probably safe to say that audiences accustomed to long action scenes involving CGI spaceships won’t have the patience for that kind of thing. Given the plethora of other high profile releases this winter (LincolnLes Misérables, Skyfall—all of which presumably feature more than one location and more than two characters), Life of Pi could have a hard time finding an audience.

But you know who doesn’t have a hard time finding an audience? Coldplay. The British band packs stadiums everywhere they go, plus they’ve managed to sell 55 million albums in an era in which the album doesn’t exist any more. That could be the reason why the makers of the new Life of Pi trailer have slapped Coldplay’s “Paradise” on the soundtrack. If the marketing team can persuade just 30% of Coldplay’s fan base to purchase a ticket, the studio should be able to recoup the movie’s $100 million budget overnight.

And based on the quality of the new trailer, there’s a very good chance that Coldplay’s fan base will come out to Life of Pi in droves. The trailer is easily the best music video that Coldplay has ever done—way better than the actual music video for “Paradise”, which is, well, kind of silly.