The previous trailer for Les Misérables was fairly downbeat and gloomy. The new trailer is even gloomier. It begins with Hugh Jackman (playing Jean Valjean) begging for food and shelter, abruptly cuts to a few images of Hugh Jackman performing gruelling manual labour, then segues into Anne Hathaway (playing Fantine) with her hair shorn off singing “I Dreamed a Dream”, the lyrics of which include lines like, “I dreamed a dream in time gone by/When hope was high and life worth living” and “I had a dream my life would be/So different from this hell I’m living.” We also get to see Hugh Jackman carrying a bruised and battered Anne Hathaway through a dark, rat-infested alleyway, asking, “Where’s your child?” And all of this is before the one minute mark.

If the trailer is this emotionally draining, imagine how emotionally draining the finished product will be.