So far, the publicity surrounding The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been surprisingly negative. First came the two-minute-long teaser trailer, which looked more like a cheesy fan-made “tribute” video than something that a major studio would put out to promote one of its biggest releases. Then came the first demonstration of Peter Jackson’s special 48fps projectors, which many complained made the movie look like a soap opera or a 1980s BBC production. Then came the announcement that Jackson was going to turn Tolkein’s relatively slim 310 page novel into a trilogy, which many felt was a cash grab even more shameless than the infamous cash grab that New Line tried to pull with the multiple DVD and Blu-ray releases of The Lord of the Rings.

Hopefully the new Hobbit trailer will dispel some of this negativity. Unlike the turgid first trailer, the new trailer hints at the possibility that the movie might contain a plot. It also subtly suggests that the plot will be an exciting one. In fact, the trailer almost manages to evoke the same sense of magic and adventure as The Fellowship of the Ring—not an easy thing to do in just two minutes and twenty seconds. For fans of Lord of the Rings who were worried that Jackson had gone the way of George Lucas, this should come as a tremendous relief.