When The Counselor hits theatres on Oct. 25th, Breaking Bad will have been off the air for less than a month (the final episode airs Sept. 29th). Fox could not have chosen a better release date. This season of Breaking Bad is being watched by five million people—five million people who will no doubt be going through withdrawal by October. Enter The Counselor—it looks almost exactly like Breaking Bad, except with a few minor changes (it’s about a lawyer instead of a chemistry teacher, it’s set in Texas rather than New Mexico, it features a cast of big name movie stars rather than relatively unknown TV actors, etc).

Whether or not The Counselor will retain the 97% purity of Vince Gilligan’s product remains to be seen. But considering that the screenplay is by No Country For Old Men author Cormac McCarthy, it should reach at least 68% purity, which ought to please the film’s Czech distributor.