Imagine a teaser for a remake of Jaws that shows the shark getting blown to bits, a poster for a reboot of Citizen Kane that prominently features the “Rosebud” sled, or a remake of The Sixth Sense with the tagline, “He was dead the entire time.”┬áThat’s basically what we have with the new teaser for the Carrie remake. For a generation of film-goers, the image of a blood-drenched Sissy Spacek reeking havoc on her tormentors via her telekinetic powers is an iconic one, as famous as the final image from the Godfather or Jack Nicholson bursting his head through the door in The Shining. But for the demographic that the movie is presumably aimed at (i.e. 13-year-olds who don’t know who Stephen King is), showing a blood-drenched Chloe Grace Moretz in the middle of a burning town just might, I don’t know, give the entire ending away.

Of course, both Terminator 2 and The Truman Show had spoiler-heavy trailers and they were both big hits, so this could actually be a brilliant marketing move.