It’s no secret that the team in charge of promoting The Amazing Spider-Man faces an enormous uphill battle. Take just a brief glance at the movie’s discussion board and you’ll soon discover that every thread is either titled either “2 soon 4 a reboot!!!” or “seriosly?” or “why does he shot web from a machine?” Interest in the movie seems to be hovering at nearĀ John Carter levels.

So far, the marketers have been handling the task remarkably well. The first trailer, released back in July, did a good job of suggesting, “Hey, I know the massively popular Tobey Maguire Spider-Man is just 10 years old, but maybe a reboot isn’t such a terrible idea.” Now the second trailer, which is currently playing in front of The Avengers, takes the argument a step further, suggesting, “Hey, you liked Andrew Garfield in The Social Network and Emma Stone in The Help, right? Well, they’re both in this movie, which, let’s face it, can’t be any worse than The Green Lantern or Transformers 3, and you guys came out to see those in droves.”

The Amazing Spider-Man hits theatres July 3rd.