Usually when you see pictures of Matthew McConaughey, he’s doing what Matthew McConaughey does – jogging on the beach or surfing, perpetually shirtless. Sometimes you even see him in a movie. Lately though he’s looking different, a lot different.

He hasn’t quite reached Christian Bale in The Machinist levels, but he’s lost a ton of weight (30 lbs worth) for his role in the upcoming movie The Dallas Buyer’s Club. In the film, McConaughey plays a Dallas man who contracts HIV and is given 30 days to live by his doctor. Turning to non-FDA approved drugs, the character begins smuggling pharmaceuticals in from Mexico, and eventually starts selling them to other people in Dallas.

Once filming wraps up I’m assuming McConaughey will get back to his normal self. In the meantime though he should try to put together a starring role in a Christopher Walken biopic – he kinda looks just like him right now: