With 300 and Watchmen, director Zack Snyder became Hollywood’s go-to guy for preposterously violent fight scenes in which people get sliced and diced in slow motion while loud heavy metal music plays on the soundtrack. So when Snyder’s name pops up in the new Man of Steel teaser, you may find yourself thinking, “Okay, the next shot is going to show Superman chopping up Lex Luthor’s army to pieces with a samurai sword, and Metallica’s “Fight Fire With Fire” is going to kick in right when the first head rolls across the ground.”

But strangely, the series of shots that follow involve a child with a cape running through a field in slow motion, a sunrise over a fog-enshrouded landscape, and a butterfly landing on a swing set. All of this is set to Howard Shore’s haunting Lord of the Rings soundtrack. If it weren’t for the shot of Superman flying through the sky at the end, you’d swear the teaser was actually a deleted scene from Tree of Life.

So what is Warner Bros. doing promoting a superhero movie with a teaser that would be more appropriate for an art film?Well, believe it or not, the strategy actually sort of makes sense. Comic book fans are going to see the movie no matter what. Indeed, many of them will probably camp outside the theatre days beforehand. But Tree of Life fans may be a bit on the fence. So why not gear the marketing campaign exclusively toward them? I can’t think of a good reason either.

Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.