For moviegoers, the first two months of 2013 have been pretty horrible. The only big hits so far have been Identity Thief and Mama, and they only seem to have been popular due to the fact that there’s been nothing else to see. Meanwhile, the biggest critical hit of the year has been Side Effects, and that only has an 84% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Oz: The Great and Powerful will be out on March 8th, and it promises to reverse this trend—at least as far as box office is concerned.

A new promotional clip is out, and like the previous promotional clips, it looks exactly like Alice in Wonderland. Colourful CGI generated background? Check. Talk of a saviour or chosen one? Check. Random bursts of action to appease those in the audience who are bored by dialogue? Check.

All of this raises the question: Is it wise of Disney to market Oz as a remake of Alice? After all, Alice in Wonderland is perhaps the only movie to cross the $1 billion mark that no one seems to have liked. No doubt Oz will make a fortune (Disney has spent too much on the marketing campaign for it not to), but is there really anyone out there who saw Alice and thought, “That movie was a meandering collection of random, incoherent scenes. You know what I’d like to see three years from now? More of the same”?