When a 7-minute-long version of the Django Unchained trailer premiered at the Cannes film festival in May, it arguably received more attention than any of the entries in the official competition. (“OMFG, Django Unchained looks so good. SO GOOD. #Cannes” was one critic’s response.) The version below is five minutes shorter, but it should produce a similar reaction.

Among the highlights: Christoph Waltz shooting a slave-owner on a dark country road, Leonard DiCaprio saying the line “You had my curiosity…but now you have my attention” in a Faulknerian southern accent, Jamie Foxx telling a bartender that the “D” in his name is silent, and a poetic image of blood splattering over a patch of flowers. All of this is memorably set to Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave.”

Tarantino’s previous film ended with the line, “This just might be my masterpiece.” But judging by the new trailer, that announcement may have been premature.

Django Unchained opens in theatres on Dec. 25.