So far, Daniel Craig has made two appearances at the London Olympics. For his first appearance, he skydived into the stadium with the Queen during the opening ceremony—a thrilling moment which the organizers of the 2014 Sochi Olympics will no doubt try to emulate by having Vladimir Putin arrive on the back of a rocket and/or cheetah.

For his second appearance, Craig rode a motorcycle through a window and jumped from a bulldozer onto a train. But if you watched the live telecast, there’s a good chance that you missed out on these stunts. That’s because they were performed in the new Skyfall teaser, which aired when most of the audience was taking a bathroom break. Luckily, the teaser has shown up online. You can watch it below.

Unless Craig somehow managed to qualify for the men’s 400 metres, these will probably be his only two Olympic appearances.

Skyfall hits theatres Nov. 9.