Now that Katie Holmes has split from claimed ubercontroller husband Tom Cruise, it would make sense that she try to kick start her career again. Leaving aside her lead role as mother, and rumoured return to Capeside as girl-next-door Joey in a Dawson’s Creek reunion flick, let’s imagine some “best next step” movie examples that might help our girl Katie reclaim her individuality and revitalize her career:

Movie Theme: Divorce
Example: Sleeping With the Enemy
Imagined Movie: Fleeing From Faith
In this thinly veiled critique of Scientology, a woman has to take desperate measures to free herself and her young daughter from the depths of a sinister cult.

Movie Theme: Reclaiming Womanhood
Example: The Jane Austen Book Club
Imagined Movie: Coming Holme
To refresh herself after a bitter divorce, this single mother decides to leave the big city behind and move to a small lakeside town where she connects with a group of women through their shared love of Nora Ephron movies. Also starring Michelle Williams.

Movie Theme: Slut Phase
Example: No Strings Attached
Imagined Movie: Club Cruisin’
On the verge of bankruptcy, her life falling apart around her, this single mother realizes that she can have it all–as a high priced call girl!

Movie Theme: Reconnecting With Friends
Example: The First Wives Club
Imagined Movie: The First Wife’s Club
A recently divorced mother finds solace in an unexpected place–her ex-husband’s first wife! They bond over the secrets they share about their high-profile ex, and each finds a strength she didn’t know she had. Also starring Nicole Kidman.

Movie Theme: Child Custody
Example: Changeling
Imagined Movie: Never Surrender
After her child returns from a visit with her father, this mother starts to notice changes in his behaviour. As she realizes that her ex-husband has been quietly indoctrinating their child with the teachings of an extreme cult, she conspires to kidnap their son and go on the run.

Movie Theme: New Found Independent Woman
Example: Under the Tuscan Sun
Imagined Movie: I Don’t Wanna Wait—For Our Lives To Be Over
A high profile PR ex decides to leave it all behind and start a new business…making artisanal pickles and jams!