For fans of classy literary adaptations that offer unique spins on their source material, the fall promises to be an eventful one. First comes Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina, an adaptation of the Tolstoy classic that presents the story as if it were a stage show. Then comes Les Misérables, an adaptation of the musical version of Victor Hugo’s classic which will feature live singing. No, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway won’t show up at the theatre and belt out “I Dreamed a Dream.” That would be extremely costly, and, since the movie will be playing at something like 5000 different locations, logistically impossible. Rather, the movie won’t feature any lip syncing; all the songs were recorded live in front of the camera.

In the below video, Jackman and Hathaway explain the advantages of the live approach. To make a long story short, live singing offers the actors more freedom since they don’t have to base their performances around recordings they made three months prior to shooting.

Les Misérables hits theatres Dec. 25th.