Since we’re just coming out of prom season, let’s take some time to talk prom fashion! I went to prom twice. The first time I went with a senior boy, the second time I was a senior and went with friends. Both times I wore a black dress, and left early (see real life prom images below).

In the movies prom is such a big deal and in real life I was just sort of like—what is the big deal here? My expectations for prom were a little exaggerated due largely to prom movies (and 90210). A girl in a prom movie has so much to worry about! It matters what she wears, whether or not she has a date, how she gets to prom, and of course…virginity!! When it came down to it I ended up not sweating any of those things, and learned a lesson about the difference between the movies and real life. Let’s be honest, at the end of the prom night in reality what you are dealing with is a collection of awkward dressed up teens bouncing around looking for the right after-party (see real life prom images below).

What did you wear to the prom?  Can you guess who wore the following dresses from a few of the best proms ever?


Real Life Prom:

from left to right: Prom #1, Prom #2 (It’s tough to tell from the photos, but those are in fact different dresses/years)