The first promotional clip for Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmasters came out in July of 2011. Back then, the world was a very different place—Rick Santorum had a decent shot at becoming the Republican candidate, Osama Bin Laden had only been dead for a few days, and people were still taking about the iPhone 4s as if it were something new.

One year later, a second promotional clip has been released. Like in the previous clip, we get to see Tony Leung single-handedly take on a large crowd in the rain in slow motion. But this time around we also get to see a few other things. Like Chen Chang fighting a large group of people in the rain in slow motion and Tony Leung practicing kung fu in the snow. There’s also a bit of dialogue which will be of little interest to non-Chinese speakers since the video isn’t subtitled.

The Grandmasters hits theatres in China on Dec. 18th, so it’s unlikely that we’ll have to wait another year for promotional clip number three.