Even by the low standards of late period George Lucas, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a disappointment. From the preposterous hiding-in-the-fridge-to-avoid-the-nuclear-explosion opening sequence to the utterly ridiculous Shia LaBeouf-swinging-with-the-monkeys scene to the silly plummeting-down-three-consecutive-waterfalls-on-a-raft climax, Lucas seemed intent on destroying what was left of his reputation, and with a little help from his old friend Steven Spielberg (who should’ve known better), he succeeded spectacularly.

And yet the original trailer for the film┬ámisleadingly made it look like something worth seeing. Not only that, but it made it look like it potentially could’ve been on par with the three previous Indiana Jones films.

Well, here’s what that trailer might’ve looked like had it been a little more honest.