If you want every flaw, plot hole, or continuity error of a particular Hollywood blockbuster exhaustively catalogued for you, there are two places you can turn to: the ScreenJunkies YouTube channel, which specializes in honest movie trailers that are unusually and hilariously upfront about a film’s shortcomings, and the CinemaSins YouTube channel, which specializes in “Everything Wrong With [movie title] in X Minutes or Less” videos.

With Star Trek Into Darkness poised to take theatres by storm in 10 days, both channels have made videos examining the movie’s immediate predecessor, 2009’s Star Trek. Not surprisingly, the two videos cover a lot of the same ground: Kirk is improbably accepted into Starfleet without any paperwork or background checks, the time travel plot doesn’t make any sense, the movie references the Star Wars universe nearly as much as it references to the Star Trek universe, etc.

Interestingly, only the ScreenJunkies video takes J.J. Abrams to task for the overuse of lens flares, one of the most common complaints about the movie back in 2009.

All in all, the two videos make a pretty convincing case. While still a fun and exciting movie, it seems pretty clear that those who hailed Star Trek as one of the best sci-fi movies of the decade may have been a little overboard in their praise.