For his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, he famously had his teeth capped with gold, wore a wig inspired by Keith Richards at his most strung out, and smeared his eyes with generous amounts of mascara. For his role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he wore a stove pipe hat, massive red goggles, and a purple raincoat. For his role in Alice in Wonderland, he wore a puffy red wig and a novelty-sized bow-tie. And now for The Lone Ranger, Depp and the film’s wardrobe department have come up with his craziest costume to date—a hat that also happens to be a dead bird.

Oh, and he’s also covered his face in white and black face paint, because who in their right mind would wear a dead bird on their head without also wearing face paint? That would be like wearing a suit without a tie, or black dress shoes with white socks.

Here are a few new production stills from The Lone Ranger. From what we can glean from them, the movie will also feature Armie Hammer sporting a more conventional, birdless hat, and a bunch of extras who are likewise wearing hats that are made out of things that aren’t dead animals.