When the Kevin Bacon Game first became a thing back in 1994, it was believed that every actor could be linked to Kevin Bacon by just six degrees of separation. Nearly 20 years and 34 film appearances later, the number of degrees separating other actors from Bacon has been reduced to just two.

Or at least that’s what Google’s latest easter egg, the Kevin Bacon Number search tool, seems to demonstrate. Try typing in “Bacon number” in the Google search bar followed by the name of any actor, and see if you can get a number of three or greater. It’s impossible. True, typing in “Justin Bieber” will get you four degrees, but that doesn’t really count since Bieber isn’t an actor and has only appeared in two movies and a TV show. Every other actor—from Daniel Day-Lewis to Sophia Loren to Charlie Chaplin to Madonna—will get you two degrees. Pauly Shore? Two degrees. Susan Sarandon? Two degrees. Tupac Shakur? Two degrees. Zhang Ziyi? Two degrees. Jamie Foxx? Two degrees. Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai? Two degrees. See, it’s impossible.