Okay its like 41 degrees outside —I think it’s safe to call it summer, even though it isn’t yet officially. How does summer look for you this year? Do you have to go to summer school? Are finally done post-secondary and don’t know what to do with your life? Are you going to take a vacation from work? Obviously there are plenty of ways to kill a summer be it a vacation, a party, a long weekend or just…coming of age. In any case, we are not quite there yet; not yet on summer hours, or at the weekend, and the first official day of summer is not here yet (I think its tomorrow). The following is a list of a few of my favourite summer movies that when I watch I can really feel summer. I have no major plans for this summer aside from the normal bike riding, swimming, park sitting, cottages etc. But if I end up doing at least one thing from one of these movies I will deem it a successful summer. If movies have taught me anything its that a lot can happen in one summer—make it count!


Adventureland: Instead of that Eurotrip you can’t afford, work as a carny for the summer…and find love…and yourself.


Weekend at Bernies: Boss dead? No worries! Just pretend he’s alive and hit up all his swag parties!

Dazed and Confused: School’s out for summer and all that matters is the first kegger of the season. Obviously.

Now and Then: The summer goal is to build a tree fort with your besties…but then stumble into a mystery you must solve. And don't forget to prank the boys.

Wet Hot American Summer: “Summer camp hijinks, set in 1981.” – IMDB

Almost Famous: Why not summer with your favourite rock band and their gang of groupies and then write about it for Rolling Stone.

Dirty Dancing: Ditch the boring fam-jam resort. Learn to dance at the hands of a hunky dance instructor.