For many, the initial teasers for P.T. Anderson’s The Master were just a little too teasery. The first showed Joaquin Pheonix walking around on the beach, building sandcastles, the second showed Philip Seymour Hoffmann boasting about his resume. Both were set to Jonny Greenwood’s oddly soothing, string-heavy score. Neither conveyed any information about the plot whatsoever.

These complaints cannot be made of the new trailer, which finally reveals information relating to the film’s plot. And the information that it does reveal may come as an unpleasant surprise for the Church of Scientology, whose founder L. Ron Hubbard (depicted in the film as “Lancaster Dodd”) is portrayed as a charismatic fraud who makes up the religion as he goes along and seems particularly intent on silencing opposition. The Church of Scientology reportedly searched through   Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s garbage after South Park put out an episode making fun of Scientology. If I were P.T. Anderson, I’d be very careful about what I tossed in the trash for the next couple of months.