Since The Hangover Part II was basically a shot by shot remake of The Hangover except with a monkey instead of a tiger and Thailand instead of Las Vegas, it’s hart not to approach these new Instagram photos from the set of The Hangover Part III without thinking, “What animal and city will director Todd Phillips insert into the tried and true Hangover formula this time?”

Well, we’ve studied the photos carefully, and we’ve been unable to reach any definite conclusions. Most of the photos seem to have taken in the desert, which suggests that the Wolf Pack may have returned to Nevada (or possibly gone to Mexico or Texas). More puzzlingly, none of the photos seem to feature any animals, which raises the disturbing possibility, “What if the plot doesn’t involve an amusing animal sidekick of some kind?” The idea of a Hangover movie without a crazy monkey or tiger causing wacky hijinks is almost unfathomable, but that could be the sort of world that we’ll be living in. Welcome to the future.

If any of this troubles you, don’t worry: The Hangover Part III doesn’t hit theatres till May 23rd, so we’ll have plenty of time to figure this stuff out.