Like the recent remakes of Total Recall, Footloose, and Spider-Man, there is absolutely no reason for a remake of Carrie to exist. But since Hollywood only produces movies that are based on pre-existing properties, and since there are only a limited number of pre-existing properties out there, a remake of Carrie was only a matter of time. You’d think the fact that Total Recall and Footloose were both major bombs would cause producers to reconsider their “Remaking every movie ever made between 1960 – 2005 is a sure fire way to get rich” attitude, but no. Maybe if the proposed remakes/reboots of The Shining, Videodrome, and Blade Runner, we’ll get a slight reduction in the number of remakes. But until then, we have a rocky road in front of us.

From what we can tell so far, the major difference between the two version is the age of the leads. At the time of the original, Sissy Spacek was 27—a bit old for a high school student (although Spacek was so good in the role it was hard to tell). In the remake, the role of Carrie will be played by 15-year-old Chloe Moretz. Moretz was great in Kick-Ass, Hugo, and Let Me In, so if anyone can hold her own against Spacek, it’s her.

So that’s a promising start, I guess. Right?