When it comes to 80s remakes, Hollywood was apparently saving the best for last, as word has spread today that MacGyver is finally getting the movie remake that society has been so desperately clamouring for.

Running from 1985 to 1992, MacGyver starred forgotten superstar Richard Dean Anderson as the titular secret agent, who was kind of like a cross between James Bond and Q – but only if Q had a budget of 35 cents and only had access to the garbage.

Somewhat  surprisingly, Saw director James Wan has been attached to direct, but he says in a tweet (which is where all statements of any sort of worth originate) that it makes perfect sense. “People are surprised?? he tweeted. “You guys never saw shades of MacG in Jigsaw??”

A script has reportedly already been written, but as of yet there is no scheduled release date.

Forgoing filming the movie with a traditional camera, rumour has it that the entire movie will be produced using only saran wrap, an empty roll of toilet paper, and a flashlight. Oh, and maybe a paper clip if they really need it.