Julia’s Eyes, or Los Ojos de Julia is the 2010 Spanish horror film produced by Guillermo de Torro. It accomplishes what good horror films should by keeping you in suspense though suggestion and mystery. The film follows Julia, who does not believe the police reports that her blind sister committed suicide. She delves into the mystery while dealing with going blind from the same genetic condition that her sister had and eventually comes to fear that her life is in danger as well.

What makes this film great is that it does not rely on scarring the viewers with gore or with making them jump. The cinematoraphy is great in that it uses both the perspective of the antagonist to create the sense of impending horror as well as through the eyes of Julia (pun intended). Her weakening sight creates another level of darkness and mystery that hightens the tensity. The viewers watches the story unfold with the same confusion, dread and creepy feeling that Julia experiences, resulting in a similar edge-of-your-seat suspense as horror classics like Psycho

So if you are a fan of horror but are tired of movies like Saw or (insert name of slasher film here), you just have to step back a couple years and accross the ocean for a classic thriller experience. Here is the trailer: