A couple of years ago, a crafty internet trickster tweeted an image that purportedly showed that Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer traveled to July 5, 2010 in Back to the Future Part 2. The image was reported as real by Total Film, went viral, and caused people around the planet to foolishly lay preparation to celebrate the day as “Future Day.” Unfortunately people quickly realized that  it was just a cruel, heartless hoax – the fact that hover boards, against all odds, still don’t exist should have clued everyone in to the fact that Future Day hadn’t come yet – and life got back to normal.

Until now, when a similar image popped up on the internet (and in some of my friends’ Facebook feeds, who I won’t name) claiming that Future Day occurred on June 27, 2012. Once again it turned out to be fake, but this time it wasn’t a hoax but instead an innocent mistake by a social media company that assumed no one would possibly fall for the same trick twice in such a relatively short time.

The moral of the story? Future Day is on October 21, 2015, people. Remain calm until then.