Remember ALF? He’s back! And not just in pog form! In movie form!

In case you don’t remember ALF, he was the star of the sitcom of the same name that ran on NBC from 1986 to 1990. He was an alien life form (ALF, get it?) who crash landed into the home of the Tanner family (that’s what they named sitcom families back then). He had to abandon his home planet of Melmac after it was destroyed by a nuclear war, which we can only assume really made the Cold War audiences of the late 1980’s think. Can’t say that I remember much about the show, except that ALF really wanted to eat cats, and that ALF was actually a puppet.

Anyway, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Animation has bought the rights to the show and is planning to produce a CGI-live action hybrid movie. The puppeteer (and voice) behind ALF, Paul Fusco, will apparently reprise his role. Other than Fusco, there’s no word on any casting yet.

A release date hasn’t been set either, but until then here’s ALF being ALF: