Honestly? Probably not, but regardless the painting above is still pretty awesome.

According to stories floating around Chinese social networks, the painting was recently bought in a Beijing flea market, and is the work of a well-known artist by the name of Qi Baishi. The issue? Qi died in 1957, 22 years before Alien came out, so he must have been the one who actually came up with the original look of the Xenomorphs (either that or this is one of the craziest artistic coincidence of all-time).

Of course, that theory also means that either Ridley Scott or H.R. Giger (the Swedish artist who actually designed the Xenomorph) somehow saw the painting in China, and absolutely no one else even knew about its existence for all these years. So yeah, I’m going to lean towards not believing this story.

I’d still buy that painting though.